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News and information from Breakwater Motel, Bay of Islands

Alma G – The Living Legend

Posted by on July 24, 2013 at 01:36 PM in General News

This historic vessel is moored out in front our motel and seeing it everyday, like so many other things in our lives, it has been taken for granted.

Recent guests Don and Sue showed great interest in the vessel, took photos which reminded us of its presence.

“Don is a fan of period Launches and we had always admiringly looked out towards Motumaire Island off the Motel at the boat moored there. Thought it very stylish, but had never seen it close up. He was delighted when we walked down to the wharf in the morning when we last stayed with you to find it docked there. Looks every bit as gracious as imagined and so interesting to also find out that the Alma G has such a long history with the Bay of Islands and association with Zane Grey. Nice to have it in your view each day.☺”

On a subsequent visit, we managed to organise a tour of the vessel by Darryl Honey, owner of Alma G. Thanks Darryl!! Don and Sue were delighted.

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Time off for my first fish on Outrageous

Posted by on July 14, 2013 at 04:06 PM in General News

At just 3 degrees it was certainly a ‘crisp’ start to a glorious day. Well ‘rugged up’ with beanie, jacket and scarf we drove down to Opua Marina. Outrageous – our 35ft Bertram – had to have a quick hosedown so that Ken could see through the clears (in laymans terms they are the plastic windows!).

Skipper Ken hosing down the clears on a Foggy morning at Opua Marina

Fog covered the entire bay so we had a very gentle ride out until it started lifting – very grateful to the radar and gps to navigate us. The ocean was flat with a gentle swell and ‘thumbs up’ to the famous ‘Paihia bombers’ for warding off seasickness.

Skipper Ken navigating Outrageous through the fog

Between Skipper Ken and the fishfinder we located the first spot to throw in a line. Out came the defrosted bait and I watched as Ken kindly cut it up and attached it to the hooks. OK so I have to confess that I was not keen on baiting up as I didn’t want fisherman hands, but I did manage to put the bait on once, only to have it fall into the water when I put the line in. At least I tried! Five minutes later the rod bent – YESS!! But the snapper was too small so back it went.

Friendly visitor eyeing out the bait

We tried different spots in the Bay but there weren’t many hungry fellas out there. Lots of bites later, I eventually hooked a snapper! Not only is Ken a good skipper he is also a very talented chef – so gourmet fish and chips was had for dinner.

Glorious Winter Day!

Welcome to Breakwater Motel’s Blog!

Posted by on July 08, 2013 at 04:05 PM in General News

First time blogger so here goes….

Sharing What’s Happening in our ‘bit of Paradise’ – the magnificent Bay of Islands.

Beach, Swim, Fish, Sail, Native Bush, RELAX….YES YES YES!!!!

Traffic, Traffic lights (or ‘Robots’ as they are known as where I come from!), Stress, RUSH….NO NO NO!!!!

The Bay of Islands Walking Weekend is coming up in October – 4, 5 and 6.  Have you thought about getting out of the city to stretch your legs and at the same time (bonus!) revel in the natural beauty of the Bay.

On Sunday I dusted off my walking shoes and together with my backpack filled with camera, bottled water and raincoat (not required!), I ventured out and did the Full Circle Walk from Paihia to Russell – with a car ferry ride in between of course.

Sunny day, no wind, perfect to walk along the coastline, follow the boardwalks over the mangrove swamps and investigate the bays.  Meandering in the native forest, listening to the birds, then blue sky and breathtaking “million dollar” views over the inner bay.  An undulating and well maintained track which had some challenging hills.  Almost four hours later I reached Russell…phew!!  And then the Skipper of the ferry asked me why do you look so hot and bothered!  Note to self – carry more water in future.

Highly recommended outing – only a few sore muscles and very dirty shoes, yes the track was slippery in places but somehow I only managed to trip over one log!

Track approaching Opua

Board walk over the mangrove swamp at Matauwhi Bay

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